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octubre 17, 2009

Lo era, puede serlo y lo será. Gracias por llenar de ilusiones nuestras vidas, el baloncesto que vivimos junto a ti será un baloncesto que perdure por siempre.

Gracias por esa manera de entender este deporte y de calar en el aficionado.




noviembre 11, 2008

Antoni Daimiel hablando del tema de Sergio:

Posts sobre “Rodriguez frustrations” (I): PURELOGICK

noviembre 8, 2008

Sheesh, some of you guys are HILARIOUS.


In regards to the lack of complaining from Frye, Bayless, Diogu, Pryz, etc…

A) Pryz would be playing behind GO, who has the potential to be one of the all-time greats. He already does what Pryz does, and more. As a rookie. Who has played 13 minutes. STILL, even if GO was playing 30 minutes a game, for the rest of they year, that still leaves 18 mpg for Pryz. Of course he isn’t going to complain.

B) Frye is currently averaging 17 mpg. I believe Sergio would be more than happy with this.

C) For all those who say “Sergio is a crybaby! I don’t see Bayless whining!” you are complete, and total morons. Seriously. Unlike Sergio, who has been dealing with inconsistent PT for the last TWO YEARS, Bayless has been a Blazer for FIVE games and HE AVERAGES MORE MINUTES THAN SERGIO!!! This despite having an assist to turnover rating of 1:2 and a Hollinger PER of NEGATIVE 7.76. Compared to Sergio’s 2.7:1 and PER of 13.09 (Which is similar to Blake’s career stats.) I don’t think Bayless will be complaining anytime soon. Seriously, please start to use your brains. I’m calling out tblazerfan and BRoyFTW, c’mon guys.

D) Diogu is a scrub, and he knows it. He is happy to be on the roster.


It is true, Sergio is not the greatest defender. BUT GUESS WHAT??? Neither is Steve Blake. Come to think of it, how many starting PG’s in the league can be called GREAT defenders? Nash? Billups? Iverson? Calderon? Parker? No, No, No, NO, and No. I can only think of four…Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, Devin Harris, and Deron Williams. Now if KP could trade ANY of the Blazer PG’s for one of those four, I would say HELL YEAH!!! Since that won’t happen, shut up about Sergio’s defense! BLAKE IS NO BETTER anyone who say Tony Parker embarrass him in crunch time can attest to that (Personally I would have used Batum on Parker more.)

The job of the point guard is to run the offense, create opportunities for the scorers, with minimal turnovers, and occasionally A) hit open shots and B) create for himself. If a PG cannot do all of these things it does not matter how good his defense is, he is failing in his job as floor general. Blake does THREE of these five things well. Unfortunately, he cannot A) create for himself or B) create for the scorers. These are most important. Yes, he does a good job handing the ball off to Roy. Yes, he has a respectable A/T ratio. Yes, he is a better shooter than Sergio (marginally). BUT he bogs down the offense because he doesn’t do anything other than give the ball to Roy or LaMarcus. Which is why our starters play so ugly.

SERGIO on the other hand, is a masterful playmaker. He creates for Rudy, Martell, Batum, LaMarcus…pretty much anyone he plays with. That is by far and away his best attribute. He also does this with a minimum of turnovers, all the while being given a minimum of minutes. And no one can deny his main weaknesses from last year (long-range shooting and defense) have improved substantially. No one likes when their hard work goes ignored and unrewarded…it is completely understandable why he is frustrated.

To close this comment/essay, I’d like to give my opinion of what KP will do, barring a major trade which gets them a big time PG.

1) Sergio’s minutes will increase as the season goes on, to something more like 15 – 20 per game.

2) Blake’s minutes will decrease, to something like 20 – 25 per game.

3) Bayless will continue to get 5-10 mpg this season.

4) KP’s long range plan, I believe, is to slowly minimize Blake’s role, and replace him eventually with Bayless. That will be the starting duo of the next 10 years. Roy will basically run the offense, while Bayless plays the two on offense, and then defensively Bayless’ quickness will make life difficult for the opposing PG. Sergio will continue to dazzle with Rudy in the second unit.

Our team of the future will be

PG: (offense) Roy, (defense) Bayless
SG: (offense) Bayless, (defense) Roy
PF: LaMarcus
C: The Odenator

PG: Sergio
SG: Rudy
SF: Webster
PF: Frye
C: Pryz

Our second unit will be better than half the leagues starters. Sergio/Rudy/Martell will be a dynamic backcourt. Anyone else smell a dynasty?

Outlaw is the odd man out. Batum replaces his athleticism and brings an actual basketball IQ as well. Not sure what we get for him…He is the only guy KP did not bring in, and I that means something.

ANYWAYS to any of you who read this I would like to say thanks. As you can see I am not a Sergio fanboy as I think Bayless is the PG of the future. I am not blaming Nate, or calling for him to be fired. I do not think Sergio should start now, or even ever. He is a backup, with Rudy. Both are capable of starting, for most teams in the league…just not Portland. All I’m saying is that his frustration is understandable. He has improved where the coaches asked, he has performed when given the opportunities; yet he has not been rewarded or even acknowledged. He loves the game too much to stand it. It is breaking his heart…anyone who loves basketball as much as Sergio can understand how he feels.

Also please remember that Sergio has not asked for a trade, and he cannot control what his Spanish agent (who has no influence with the team AT ALL) does or does not say. So to say he is classless is a little harsh. Sergio’s comments on the situation are based upon direct questioning from the media, he wasn’t volunteering this info for all to hear/read, he was merely answering honestly and from the heart. Just something to keep in mind.

Thanks and GO BLAZERS!!!

Rodriguez’s frustrations boil over

noviembre 8, 2008

Sergio Rodriguez, shown making a pass in an exhibition game vs. Utah, has been disappointed in his playing time since the regular season began.


Feeling he is becoming a forgotten figure on the Trail Blazers, backup Sergio Rodriguez and his Spanish agent on Friday made frustrated pleas regarding the backup point guard’s immediate future with the team.

The agent, Jose Ortiz, was quoted in Spain’s top newspaper Marca on Friday demanding that Rodriguez be traded so he can be treated in a more “natural manner”.

Rodriguez, meanwhile, didn’t go as far to demand a trade, but he was as vocal and pointed as he has ever been about his playing time, which has steadily dwindled since he averaged 13 minutes his 2006-2007 rookie season. In five games this season, Rodriguez is averaging just more than nine minutes a game.

“After two years, I think it’s time to tell someone: I’m here!,” Rodriguez said. “I will never put myself before the team, and I think I have been professional and a good teammate, and I have good friends in the locker room. I feel bad, but you know, I have to look for myself, too.”

General manager Kevin Pritchard said he is not considering trading the 22-year-old Spaniard, and Rodriguez said he will continue to play hard and hope for the Blazers to win every game.

“We like Sergio, and we are not in any discussions,” Pritchard said. “We want to see this team, and we want to see this team grow. It’s awfully early to be even talking about this stuff.”

After Friday’s practice, Pritchard had a 20-minute sitdown with Rodriguez, saying he thought it was important to try to understand how Rodriguez is feeling. After hearing Rodriguez vent, Pritchard was convinced there was no malice, but rather a kid who was anxious to play.

However, in addressing the media after his meeting with the Pritchard, Rodriguez sounded like his issues had extended beyond playing time.

When asked directly if he wanted to be traded, Rodriguez searched for the right words.

“I told them last year, and everybody here, that I want to play,” Rodriguez said. “I really love everything here. But I can’t be three years playing the same – being the third point guard for three years. I mean, I have to try another thing.

“It’s very sad, but again, I would really like to play here. And right now, I enjoy playing here and playing in the Rose Garden and playing with my teammates, it’s a great locker room. But the thing is the thing.”

What “the thing” is exactly, Rodriguez had a hard time elaborating on. But it is clear his relationship with coach Nate McMillan is strained, mostly because of limited or ineffective communication. McMillan on Friday said he has an open door for all his players, but that Rodriguez has yet to use it this season.

Rodriguez admitted he has been harboring his feelings since the start of the regular season, when his anger simmered while he sat the bench for the entire second half of the Blazers’ blowout loss at the Lakers. In all, Rodriguez played five minutes in the opener, missing his only shot and committing one turnover.

“The first game is what killed me,” Rodriguez said. “The game was on in Spain – and no, I didn’t play my best game ever, but I mean, I’m here (on the bench) … again? It killed me.”

The playing time snub was a shocker for Rodriguez, who thought he was destined for meaningful and regular playing time after winning the backup point guard spot in training camp over rookie Jerryd Bayless. But in five games, Rodriguez has yet to play more than 14 minutes in a game.

He has shot poorly, making 3-of-11 attempts, and played subpar defense, but he has amassed 15 assists and only two turnovers. He ranks No. 1 in the NBA in assists per 48 minutes (15.5) and is third in assist-to-turnover ratio (7.75), behind Minnesota’s Sebastian Telfair (10.0) and Dallas’ Jason Kidd (8.75).

“I think I’m playing unbelievable (considering) how I feel,” Rodriguez said. “I’m not committing a lot of mistakes.”

Ironically, the player stealing Rodriguez’s minutes is his friend, countryman and teammate he plays best with, Rudy Fernandez. McMillan has leaned heavily toward using Fernandez and Brandon Roy in the backcourt when Steve Blake is on the bench. He also has used a lineup with the three guards in the game together.

“If I feel we have a better matchup with Rudy or Brandon, then I’m going to go with that,” McMillan said. “Those backup minutes, our guys know there is only about 10 minutes there at the most before we get Brandon and Rudy out there.”

However, it doesn’t appear that communication is reaching Rodriguez. While he seethed on the bench during the Lakers game, Rodriguez felt it wasn’t the time or place to approach McMillan. Then, after playing nine minutes against San Antonio and 14 minutes against Phoenix, Rodriguez said he longed to talk to McMillan, but never ended up approaching him. Finally, on Wednesday in Utah, the two had a conversation, during which Rodriguez said McMillan told him he was going to play.

He played seven minutes.

“Last year we talked, the year before we talked, and we talked before the Utah game. He told me I was going to play – and it never happens, you know?” Rodriguez said. “But it’s not all about minutes, it’s about feelings. I am frustrated about everything here: I don’t know if I play good, or bad, what I have to do.”

Notes: Fernandez has a back injury and is listed as a game-time decision tonight against Minnesota … Former Lake Oswego High star Kevin Love will make his first NBA visit to Portland. Entering Friday’s game at Sacramento, Love was averaging 9.8 points and 6.3 rebounds in 23.8 minutes. He had 14 points, nine rebounds and three blocks Wednesday against San Antonio.


Sergio a 0 y Cassel se sube al carro de los Celtics.

marzo 5, 2008

Ambas eran cosas cantadas:

* Todo el mundo sabe que Cassell hizo ya una gran sociedad con Garnett en su tímido asalto al título en Minnesota…

* Todo el mundo sabía que con los Blazers fuera de Play-Offs tenían que ocurrir cambios… pero vamos, que tenían que ser en post de Sergio, por todos los minutos que le ha robado esta temporada… McMillan con el freno de mano puesto en la carrera del canario, será un pulso personal contra Prittchard???


Sergio metiendo el turbo.

febrero 12, 2008

Es casi la primera vez que lo veo así desde que llegó a la NBA

Calderón, el Jefe de la Banda.

febrero 11, 2008

Después de disfrutar unos minutos del base más equilibrado del planeta (y no es mojarse), quiero rescatar unas declaraciones que me parecieron alucinantes de José Manuel tras vencer a Boston (a los que noqueó con una jugada de 3 puntos en los instantes finales):

La encontrarééééé

Porque es un crack, porque derrocha seguridad y sabiduría en cada acción, porque sólo hace falta verle unos segundos en el parquet para entender que es determinante… y porque además va sobrado y sólo lo demuestra jugando.

Pau… a qué jugamos???

febrero 7, 2008

12-7-3, casi exactamente la mitad de puntos y rebotes que ayer… Los Lakers con Gasol son un equipo totalmente diferente, que se está conociendo, que tiene que cuadrar… pero pese a que sea pronto para pedir resultados (que nadie se piense que Kobe va a volver a estar por debajo de los 15) a Pau lo volvimos a ver sin garra… la que sí demostró en su debut.

Quizás el triángulo Zen necesite de un Gasol más unidimensional en lugar de uno que puede hacer mejor a más compañeros.

Por cierto, no le he visto hacer ningún bloqueo en todo el partido (todos falsos) y se ha cansado de meter balones a Kobe al poste bajo :-S

Sergito, por su parte, 4 buenos minutos salpicados por una serie de 2 tiros libres fallados (no lo entiendo). Steve Blake no la mete hoy ni en una piscina y Ben Wallace está haciendo canastas de jugón… no lo entiendo; sigue el partido: Bulls-Blazers.


febrero 6, 2008

Como leía en Gigantes: “En adelante, todos recordaremos dónde estábamos cuando nos enteramos que los Lakers habían fichado a Pau Gasol”.

Yo estaba en mi vestuario, cambiándome, cuando entró Rudi y nos comunicó la noticia: “Os habéis enterado, no??? Gasol a los Lakers”

1ª Reacción: Negación. “Lakers??? Imposible,  a quién han dado los Lakers??? Dónde lo has leído???” “Lo acabo de ver en Marca” “Si lo pone Marca es un bulo”

2ª Reacción: Ansiedad. “Víctor, Víctor, que Rudi dice que Gasol ha fichado por Lakers!!!” “Qué diceeeeees!!!!!!!!!!” “Ala vaaa!!!” “Dónde dice eso???” “Lo ha leído en” “Si lo ha leído en Marca y además la edición digital no puede ser verdad”

3ª Reacción: Básket.

4ª Reacción: Deliriooooooooo!!!!!!!!!! A estas alturas todos sabemos que los Memphis han regalado a Pau a los Lakers ^_^

Lo que no podremos decir es dónde estábamos cuando vimos el debut de Gasol, sólo los agraciados suscriptores de NBATV, ya que fue imposible hacerse con la señal del partido vía P2P. En el resumen matinal: 24-12-4, una actuación que entra entre los 5 mejores debuts de la historia Laker, y lo mejor: La victoria.


Rumores… y sin Pie :-(

febrero 6, 2008

El Chacho suena para irse a Dallas como parte de un traspaso a 3 bandas con Jason Kidd implicado…

Pues con los poquitos minutos que está jugando Barea… aunque ahora está lesionado Devin Harris, pero poco futuro en Dallas (además que José Juan ya viste el 11)… No quieren a Sergio en New Jersey??? Seguro que no influye mucho en el +-10% de la operación… lo habrá reclamado Cuban (para animar a su público???), a dónde lleva a Kidd este traspaso??? A los jóvenes Blazers??? Sería una pasada, pero… no es su juego demasiado rápido para McMillan??? O va a jugar junto a Nowitzki???

Muchas incógnitas, todo rumores, pero lo de mi pie es seguro: esguince de 2º grado, 1 semana de mala leche.