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Nate McClueless: SUCKS!

this should give you some perspective on how this coach runs this team:

This is from wyattfnearp:
“Zell… that’s silly man…. have you seen how Rodriguez plays with Fernandez on the court? He seems to be the only one to look for alleyoops with the guy; he runs the secondary fast break very well and doesn’t just look for posting up his big men.”

Rodriguez wants to run! And so does Rudy..A breath of fresh air! He passes to Rudy because he runs! BRoy ..walks up the court..Blake…runs and then walks around and passes it off…Seriously Nate McClueless is one dimensional one minded coach..I think anyone on here can be a better coach than this Gawd! These guys wanna run..not walk…and this coach is such a moron thats all he knows how to do..its like he needs to see things in slow motion (half court game) in order to make decisions on what to do next! complete moron..ive said this before..he couldnt rent a clue much less buy one…

From jingli22 :
“Sergio has to learn that minutes all depends on the flow of the game. And unfortunately Nate doesn’t know his players yet, and Nate is still trying to figure out the flow.”

Flow of the game? McClueless has made it evidently clear..that he is a “half court man”..flow? I havent seen much “flow” at all..oh and this is great to see:

“Nate doesnt know his players yet”

you have got to be s***ing me? McClueless during summer league and practices before summer league and possibly “doesnt know his players yet”? If this guy doesnt know his player’s is he doing on this team?

From :
“Will Outlaw be upset because his minutes are down? (The way he played last night, he might not have to worry about that).

One game and he deserves the playing time? this dude sucks!! he had a lucky my opinion only…I still think this guy is “Doubtlaw” and he is the “deep dark abyss” when it comes to perception and what to do next…shoot the ball? (of which he does all the time) or pass it to someone that is open and can make a better shot…so f’ing what..he had a good game last night…but decisions on playing him is up to McClueless…and McClueless loves a guy that basically cant make shots…shot’s inconsistantly…and plays like crap…McClueless is good give him credit….he likes crap!

This is a breath of fresh air:

From :
“Back to Sergio though. I don’t think he has much of an argument here. I don’t see how he’s going to get the minutes he wants without hurting the team.”

And Blakey boy isnt hurting the team? nor is BRoy who now feels threatened that his is no longer “his team”?? Get it straight..Blake actually sucks…like I mentioned above…runs up the court and does the “McClueless walkabout” half court game…a “walk and shoot outside” game…of which “running is not allowed” nor are “fast breaks”…

From jongusjspunk:
“bye sergio. can we package him with him nate? i wish him luck but we need on the ball defense. its going to be bayless. we also need a coach who draws up plays. start rudy in the backcourt with roy. nate is a dummy.”

I might agree with you on Nate..a complete “dummy” when it comes to coaching…and Bayless..I feel for the dude..think about this..sitting on the pine and watching a team be a half court dribble of “spit” …Bayless wants to run too…People..remember the 90’s? Portland ran…we ran hard..even Duck ran with the team..even though alittle slower..he ran! Now we have the mentioned above the “McClueless walkabout”…these are young kids…and they can run…why not make some fast break plays where they can run…I swear the way McClueless treats these guys doing the “McClueless walkabout” I think that he thinks of his players as 70 year old men that cant do much but “walk”…If you want to coach senior citizens McClueless..then go be coach of a senior’s league…good gawd..

From laurelwood:
” think our biggest problem is our coach. He has no idea how to manage minutes with a team this deep. That’s understandable, because he has only ever coached really bad teams. But we have a lot of talent, and he is flat out lying to Sergio about the playtime he will get. If I were in Sergio’s place, I’d be demanding a trade too.

KP needs to get on the ball and tell Coach McMillan what is up.”

Yeah KP needs to grow some balls..but seriously …I think KP is on it…I dont think my opinion..hes happy with McClueless…KP is an excellent manager…this guy has talent…I dont blame KP..Its McClueless that I blame..Im absolutely sure that KP has spoken to McClueless on many occations..Sergio should have more mins..why? Because in my opinion..Blakey boy sucks..remember the Blakey two step “run and then walk”…

and I would also agree “Thats understandable because he ahs only ever coached really bad teams”..well thats all he has done..he doesnt understand the word “talent” and “run and gun” play..these are young kids..think about this have a PE Teacher and your want to run…but tells you to “walk”..these guys are in the NBA prime of their lives..and this junket of a coach wants to play a “half court game”???

“I don’t blame Sergio one bit for his frustration. I’d love to keep him but it’s obvious his playing time is low on McMillan priority list. His talent is being wasted on this team. He’s been patient and a great team player putting the Blazers first. It’s time he puts himself first.”

I agree

From BRoyFTW:
“Segio needs to suck it up. This is not euro league, this is the freakin NBA. Those starting point guards will eat him for breakfast.”

And the rest of the NBA teams we have played so far have eatin Blake for Breakfast.

From renaissant:
“Good for Sergio,

It has been easy to see that McMillan is not giving him a shake. Unlike other positions, the point guard requires inordinate support from the coach. Coach Larry Brown dotes over his PGs, like Billups, A. I. as well as the backups like Snow. With the young team there are many players needing developement, Sergio should be prioritized to properly evaluate his potential now that it is clear who the obvious keepers are.

Bring it Sergio”

I see that we have others that are saying we need a “coach that understands talent” like I have been saying..McClueless doesnt and as it looks..doesnt reach out to his team unless your a “money” player…he doesnt do “development”…and if you recall..Sergio asked for help..and got it this summer..did McClueless initiate this?..oh hell no! He could care less as Sergio’s mins have shown…im glad you chimmed in renaissant.

From Captainman:
“Aside from Sergio’s situation, I really don’t think that Nate is going to be the one who can take this team to a championship. We need someone of the caliber of Popovich, Jackson, Reily or Sloan. If we can’t get an established coach such as one of these, then I think it is going to be time in the next year or two for Pritchard to work his scouting magic on an unknown for the coaching position.”

Buddy I couldnt agree with you more!!
From Bacne:
“Sergio really shouldn’t be losing his hair over lack of playing time.”

I would be..with a McClueless fact Id probably be bald right now, and im sure after a great job KP did..hes not happy and probably been scratching his head endlessly…it might be starting with loss that is..and being “dumbfounded” on what McClueless is my opinion..McClueless is a college coach..thats about it…

From ajinoregon:
“The best thing that Sergio could do to improve his situation is either start scoring the ball when he gets his opportunities, or simply stop shooting.”

Id say the same thing about Blakey Boy, and BRoy..BRoy’s subpar we have all noticed..except for “the shot” last night…might “inspire” him..who knows hopefully..Blake? dude sucks..period..

how can you improve your numbers when Sergio has only played an average of “9 mins” so far during the first 4 games? lets see if BRoy can do that..9 mins of average playing time..I bet you he couldnt..not under coach McClueless

another quote from:

“He’s never going to get any substantial playing time if he continues to hurt the team by missing open shots and turning the ball over. ”

Dude…Blake? BRoy? as far as I can see..they have both missed major shots..consistantly.. and they are playing way more mins than Sergio or even Bayless…When Sergio is averaging 9 mins..versus what Blakey Boy and BRoy have been playing…and your point is?

From Yanno:
“It seems to me that the consensus for last year was that Sergio needs to prove himself before he can get minutes….now I’m hearing the same thing this year. I’ll repeat what I said last year, which is that you can’t prove yourself if you’re playing 7 minutes a game…it’s f-ing ridiculous to expect something out of this kid if he’s not getting legit playing time. Let him get some real minutes and then if he doesn’t prove himself, you can bash him all you want. Something else…good for Sergio for talking to Nate about how he feels.”

I think the person with balls on this team is Sergio..and probably told McClueless where to put it…we have heard “Doubtlaw” say he wanted more mins..well he got them..and has played extrememly poor…accept for last i said was as game..hes going to have the same problems…cant dribble with both hands..only has one type of shot…dude sucks..6 years and you can’t dribble with both hands????…seriously..good point Yanno…you make some great talking points..right on dude..good points to make.

In closing..put the players that are playing the “first unit”…McClueless obviously has his “Favorites” who play his “McClueless walkabout” half court game..thats fine if your in college ..but buddy your in the NBA…and so far you have TOTALLY FAILED to be an NBA coach…comments like “we were not ready tonight” after the Laker game dont cut it…after you have been promoting your “defense defense” strategy and then your players fail to do just that..McClueless you have some major problems…KP has seriously more head scratching to do…get rid of this loser..your never going to have a winning team to be able to “mold” this talent if you have this guy that has “no clue” on how to mold this team..and so far he has show he has no idea what hes doing…

Nate is better suited to a college team..hes not a NBA caliber coach..and I dont think he ever will be…new blood in the coaching “section” needs to be injected…seriously..if you have this much talent..and its not performing..and is not allowed to “run” like it should (these guys have young legs and want to run) they coach..its time for you to pack your bags and go to a team that wants a subpar are not for this team..nor are you for the team’s players..your a “favorites” guy..and guess have talent..and if you dont know how to ..again “mold them” then get lost…

its good to see Blazer fans concerned about their team…!!!



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