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Sheesh, some of you guys are HILARIOUS.


In regards to the lack of complaining from Frye, Bayless, Diogu, Pryz, etc…

A) Pryz would be playing behind GO, who has the potential to be one of the all-time greats. He already does what Pryz does, and more. As a rookie. Who has played 13 minutes. STILL, even if GO was playing 30 minutes a game, for the rest of they year, that still leaves 18 mpg for Pryz. Of course he isn’t going to complain.

B) Frye is currently averaging 17 mpg. I believe Sergio would be more than happy with this.

C) For all those who say “Sergio is a crybaby! I don’t see Bayless whining!” you are complete, and total morons. Seriously. Unlike Sergio, who has been dealing with inconsistent PT for the last TWO YEARS, Bayless has been a Blazer for FIVE games and HE AVERAGES MORE MINUTES THAN SERGIO!!! This despite having an assist to turnover rating of 1:2 and a Hollinger PER of NEGATIVE 7.76. Compared to Sergio’s 2.7:1 and PER of 13.09 (Which is similar to Blake’s career stats.) I don’t think Bayless will be complaining anytime soon. Seriously, please start to use your brains. I’m calling out tblazerfan and BRoyFTW, c’mon guys.

D) Diogu is a scrub, and he knows it. He is happy to be on the roster.


It is true, Sergio is not the greatest defender. BUT GUESS WHAT??? Neither is Steve Blake. Come to think of it, how many starting PG’s in the league can be called GREAT defenders? Nash? Billups? Iverson? Calderon? Parker? No, No, No, NO, and No. I can only think of four…Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, Devin Harris, and Deron Williams. Now if KP could trade ANY of the Blazer PG’s for one of those four, I would say HELL YEAH!!! Since that won’t happen, shut up about Sergio’s defense! BLAKE IS NO BETTER anyone who say Tony Parker embarrass him in crunch time can attest to that (Personally I would have used Batum on Parker more.)

The job of the point guard is to run the offense, create opportunities for the scorers, with minimal turnovers, and occasionally A) hit open shots and B) create for himself. If a PG cannot do all of these things it does not matter how good his defense is, he is failing in his job as floor general. Blake does THREE of these five things well. Unfortunately, he cannot A) create for himself or B) create for the scorers. These are most important. Yes, he does a good job handing the ball off to Roy. Yes, he has a respectable A/T ratio. Yes, he is a better shooter than Sergio (marginally). BUT he bogs down the offense because he doesn’t do anything other than give the ball to Roy or LaMarcus. Which is why our starters play so ugly.

SERGIO on the other hand, is a masterful playmaker. He creates for Rudy, Martell, Batum, LaMarcus…pretty much anyone he plays with. That is by far and away his best attribute. He also does this with a minimum of turnovers, all the while being given a minimum of minutes. And no one can deny his main weaknesses from last year (long-range shooting and defense) have improved substantially. No one likes when their hard work goes ignored and unrewarded…it is completely understandable why he is frustrated.

To close this comment/essay, I’d like to give my opinion of what KP will do, barring a major trade which gets them a big time PG.

1) Sergio’s minutes will increase as the season goes on, to something more like 15 – 20 per game.

2) Blake’s minutes will decrease, to something like 20 – 25 per game.

3) Bayless will continue to get 5-10 mpg this season.

4) KP’s long range plan, I believe, is to slowly minimize Blake’s role, and replace him eventually with Bayless. That will be the starting duo of the next 10 years. Roy will basically run the offense, while Bayless plays the two on offense, and then defensively Bayless’ quickness will make life difficult for the opposing PG. Sergio will continue to dazzle with Rudy in the second unit.

Our team of the future will be

PG: (offense) Roy, (defense) Bayless
SG: (offense) Bayless, (defense) Roy
PF: LaMarcus
C: The Odenator

PG: Sergio
SG: Rudy
SF: Webster
PF: Frye
C: Pryz

Our second unit will be better than half the leagues starters. Sergio/Rudy/Martell will be a dynamic backcourt. Anyone else smell a dynasty?

Outlaw is the odd man out. Batum replaces his athleticism and brings an actual basketball IQ as well. Not sure what we get for him…He is the only guy KP did not bring in, and I that means something.

ANYWAYS to any of you who read this I would like to say thanks. As you can see I am not a Sergio fanboy as I think Bayless is the PG of the future. I am not blaming Nate, or calling for him to be fired. I do not think Sergio should start now, or even ever. He is a backup, with Rudy. Both are capable of starting, for most teams in the league…just not Portland. All I’m saying is that his frustration is understandable. He has improved where the coaches asked, he has performed when given the opportunities; yet he has not been rewarded or even acknowledged. He loves the game too much to stand it. It is breaking his heart…anyone who loves basketball as much as Sergio can understand how he feels.

Also please remember that Sergio has not asked for a trade, and he cannot control what his Spanish agent (who has no influence with the team AT ALL) does or does not say. So to say he is classless is a little harsh. Sergio’s comments on the situation are based upon direct questioning from the media, he wasn’t volunteering this info for all to hear/read, he was merely answering honestly and from the heart. Just something to keep in mind.

Thanks and GO BLAZERS!!!



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